Sharish Blue Magic perfect serve set

The Leafy Elephant


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Sharish Blue Magic is a rounded citrus gin from Alentejo, Portugal.

The gin is named after the Esteva tree which grows in abundance in the area and the bottle is a silhouette of the gin founder's home town of Monserrate. The colour stems from the inclusion of Butterfly Blue tea and when this reacts with citrus in tonic water changes colour. This is a great showpiece for your collection.

You will taste red berries up front followed by citrus from the local orange and lemons grown at the distillery. You will pick up some spice towards the end resulting in a very balanced gin.

We deliver this with 6 bottles of Franklin Rhubarb & Hibiscus tonic which complements the gin perfectly, drawing out those sweet notes, and a garnish of dehydrated apple to accompany the local apples in the gin. A fun and stand out gin for your collection and with our set, the easiest way to enjoy a perfect serve G&T whenever you wish.


What is in the box?

1. 1x bottle of Sharish Blue Magic gin

2. 6x bottles of Franklin Rhubarb & Hibiscus tonic

3. 12x dehydrated apple garnish


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