Tann's perfect serve set

The Leafy Elephant


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Tann's gin is a sweet gin from the Destilerias Campeny in Barcelona, Spain.

This gin was first distilled in 1977 but the recipe has changed from a classic juniper forward gin to something much more sweet and floral now for modern tastes. 

This multi-award winning gin is highly fragranced, mainly by the addition of rose buds in the distillation process. They distill cucumber into this gin as a key botanical which adds a refreshing element to accompany sweet orange blossom and a late finish of liquorice.

We deliver this with 6 bottles of Franklin Elderflower & Cucumber tonic and a garnish of rose buds.  


What is in the box?

1. 1x bottle of Tann's gin

2. 6x bottles of Franklin Elderflower & Cucumber tonic

3. 12x portions of rose buds


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