'Best of' gin tasting experience for one

The Leafy Elephant


Our 'Best of' tasting experience box is ideal for sampling the best of gin from across the globe. With an aromatic gin, a colour changing citrus gin and a sweeter pink gin, you will be guided through the full spectrum of botanical mastery.

This 'Best of' gin tasting box guides you through three unique and distinct gins complete with a bottle of tonic and garnish for each. You will receive a menu card outlining a history, story and tasting notes for each gin as well as an exclusive virtual gin tasting video, talking through each gin, directly from the bar. 

In our 'Best of' gin gift set box, we include:

1. Bertha's Revenge - a spicy gin from Ireland named after a Guinness World Record breaking cow. With whey used as a based spirit, this gin hits all the aromatic notes with a long finish.

2. Sharish Blue Magic - the colour-changing gin from Portugal. This rounded gin with local lemons and oranges also includes butterfly blue tea which changes from a blue to pink when added to tonic.

3. Pinkster - from Warrington, UK. A small patch pale pink gin made from only 5 botanicals including fresh locally picked raspberries which are steeped in the gin.ery.


What is in the box?

1. 1x 50ml bottle of Bertha's Revenge gin (42%)
2. 1x 50ml bottle of Sharish Blue Magic gin (40%)
3. 1x 50ml bottle of Pinkster gin (37.5%)
4. 1x Double Dutch Indian tonic
5. 1x Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger tonic
6. 1x Franklin Rhubarb & Hibiscus tonic
7. 1x Dehydrated orange portion
8. 1x Dehydrated apple portion
9. 1x Dehydrated lemon portion
10. 1x menu card
11. 1x Virtual gin tasting video link

Price excludes delivery