Blind Tiger perfect serve set

The Leafy Elephant


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Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba is a spicy and aromatic gin from the Deluxe Distillery in Kortrijk, Belgium.

This aromatic gin uses cubeb as a key botanical which has a taste between black pepper and all spice. The gin itself is juniper forward  but the addition of malted barley draws through citrus and floral notes and elevates the rounded flavours with the spice lingering in the background.

 The name 'Blind Tiger' dates back to prohibition times when drinking out was illegal and Speakeasies would sell tickets to come in and view a statue of a blind tiger. The ticket would come with a free gin cocktail.

We deliver this gin with 6 bottles of Double Dutch Skinny tonic and a bag of dehydrated orange and mint so you can have a perfect serve of this G&T anytime.


What is in the box?

1. 1x bottle of Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba gin

2. 6x bottles of Double Dutch Skinny tonic

3. 12x dehydrated orange and mint portions

Price excludes delivery