Da Mhile Seaweed perfect serve set

The Leafy Elephant


Da Mhile Seaweed is an infused aromatic gin from the Welsh Coast. A family business since 1982, their distillery is both organic and almost carbon neutral in their gin production. 

Da Mhile Seaweed is triple filtered and then infused with seaweed from Newquay for three weeks, giving the gin a greenish hue and a slight taste of sea salt to back up herbal flavours of dill, fennel and mint. This gin will go beautifully with a seafood dish or a great alternative to a red wine with a cheese board.

We pair and deliver this gin with Double Dutch Skinny tonic and a garnish of dehydrated lemon.

What is in the box?

1. 1x bottle of Da Mhile Seaweed gin (42%)

2. 6x bottles of Double Dutch Skinny tonic

3. 12x dehydrated lemon portions

4. 1x Da Mhile Seaweed tasting notes

5. 6x Leafy Elephant drinks coasters


Price excludes delivery