Floral gin tasting experience for one

The Leafy Elephant


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Our floral gin tasting box is an ideal experience for those who love gins with herbs and flowers as their key botanicals. 

This floral gin tasting box comes with three unique and distinct gins complete with a bottle of tonic and garnish for each. Also included is a menu card outlining a history, story and tasting notes for each gin and an exclusive virtual gin tasting video, talking through each gin, directly from the bar. 


In this floral gin box, we include:

1. Chilgrove Signature - from the South of England. This gin is unique in using a grape based spirit as well as hand foraged juniper berries and local water filtered from the chalk downs.

2. Dingle - voted the Best Gin 2019, from Ireland, this herby gin contains local heather, hawthorn and bog myrtle as well as fresh water from their own well.

3. Sikkim Bilberry - A Spanish gin with organic red tea from Sikkim, India. Floral essences accompany notes of blueberries and raspberries here.


What is in the box?

1. 1x 50ml bottle of Chilgrove Signature gin (44%)
2. 1x 50ml bottle of Dingle gin (42.5%)
3. 1x 50ml bottle of Sikkim Bilberry gin (40%)
4. 1x Double Dutch Skinny tonic
5. 1x Double Dutch Indian tonic
6. 1x 1724 tonic
7. 1x Dehydrated orange and juniper berry portion
8. 1x Dehydrated orange and mint portion
9. 1x edible flowers portion
10. 1x menu card
11. 1x Virtual gin tasting video link


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