Malfy Gin con Limone perfect serve set

The Leafy Elephant


Malfy Gin con Limone come from just outside Turin in Northern Italy. The gin is about as zesty as is comes with lemons from Sicily and the Amalfi coastline. The distillery uses a cold distillation method to preserve freshness in the fruits and the result is a vibrant, refreshing and sweet lemon gin.


We deliver this with 6 bottles of Fever Tree Aromatic tonic which complements the gin perfectly, balancing against the citrus, and a garnish of dehydrated lemons because, well why wouldn't you! A stand out gin for your collection and with our set, the easiest way to enjoy a perfect serve G&T whenever you wish.


What is in the box?

1. 1x bottle of Malfy Gin con Limone gin

2. 6x bottles of Fever Tree Aromatic tonic

3. 12x dehydrated lemon garnish portions

4. 1x Malfy Gin con Limone tasting notes

5. 6x Leafy elephant drinks coasters


Price excludes delivery