Sweet gin tasting experience for one

The Leafy Elephant


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Our sweet gin tasting box is an ideal experience for those with a slightly sweet tooth where juniper is present but not too prominent whilst sweet botanicals come to the fore.

This sweet gin tasting box guides you through three unique and distinct gins complete with a bottle of tonic and garnish for each. You will receive a menu card outlining a history, story and tasting notes for each gin as well as an exclusive virtual gin tasting video, talking through each gin, directly from the bar. 


In this sweet gin box, we include:

1. Marula - A gin from Belgium with its home in Namibia. The key botanical, Marula, or 'The forbidden Elephant fruit' gives this gin a sweet stone fruit complexion with hints of orange blossom and lavender.

2. Tann's - A highly floral and sweet gin from Spain. Their key botanical is rose buds and they also distill cucumber into the gin for a highly refreshing finish.

3. X-Gin - We finish back in Belgium with a gin from a team of chocolatiers. Creamy, chocolaty and with vanilla notes, this is the most indulgent way to finish a gin tasting.


What is in the box?

1. 1x 50ml bottle of Marula gin (40%)
2. 1x 50ml bottle of Tann's gin (40%)
3. 1x 50ml bottle of X-Gin gin (44%)
4. 1x Double Dutch Skinny tonic
5. 1x Double Dutch Indian tonic
6. 1x Franklin Cucumber & Elderflower tonic
7. 1x Rose buds portion
8. 1x Dehydrated grapefruit portion
9. 1x Dehydrated lemon and raspberries
10. 1x menu card
11. 1x Virtual gin tasting video link


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